Chessboard Touch

Chessboard Touch 1.1

Play chess against a friend on your phone


  • Lets you play a traditional game of chess
  • Allows you to set time limits
  • Smart graphics


  • No option for playing against the computer

Very good

Chessboard Touch brings the classic board game, chess, to your mobile phone. The game allows you to play against a human opponent on your handset.

In Chessboard Touch, there's no virtual rival. It merely places a chess board on your phone and allows you to play against someone else or, if no one is around to play, against yourself.

The only configurable option in Chessboard Touch is the ability to set a time limit. The default time is 15 minutes, but this can be tweaked. You can choose to display an analog clock in the corner of the screen, if you want.

In terms of its visuals, Chessboard Touch looks classy. It recreates the appearance of an original wooden chess board very well, and the pieces are well defined.

Chessboard Touch makes for a great travel game, making for a much more comfortable option for chess fans than carrying a bulky board around.

Chessboard Touch


Chessboard Touch 1.1

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